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A. Entity
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A1.1. Organism
A1.1.1. Archaeon
A1.1.2. Bacterium
A1.1.3. Eukaryote
A1.1.3.1. Animal
A1. Vertebrate
A1. Amphibian
A1. Bird
A1. Fish
A1. Mammal
A1. Human
A1. Reptile
A1.1.3.2. Fungus
A1.1.3.3. Plant
A1.1.4. Virus
A1.2. Anatomical Structure
A1.2.1. Embryonic Structure
A1.2.2. Anatomical Abnormality
A1.2.2.1. Congenital Abnormality
A1.2.2.2. Acquired Abnormality
A1.2.3. Fully Formed Anatomical Structure
A1.2.3.1. Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component
A1.2.3.2. Tissue
A1.2.3.3. Cell
A1.2.3.4. Cell Component
A1.2.3.5. Gene or Genome
A1.3. Manufactured Object
A1.3.1. Medical Device
A1.3.1.1. Drug Delivery Device
A1.3.2. Research Device
A1.3.3. Clinical Drug
A1.4. Substance
A1.4.1. Chemical
A1.4.1.1. Chemical Viewed Functionally
A1. Pharmacologic Substance
A1. Antibiotic
A1. Biomedical or Dental Material
A1. Biologically Active Substance
A1. Neuroreactive Substance or Biogenic Amine
A1. Hormone
A1. Enzyme
A1. Vitamin
A1. Immunologic Factor
A1. Receptor
A1. Indicator, Reagent, or Diagnostic Aid
A1. Hazardous or Poisonous Substance
A1.4.1.2. Chemical Viewed Structurally
A1. Organic Chemical
A1. Nucleic Acid, Nucleoside, or Nucleotide
A1. Organophosphorus Compound
A1. Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein
A1. Carbohydrate
A1. Lipid
A1. Steroid
A1. Eicosanoid
A1. Inorganic Chemical
A1. Element, Ion, or Isotope
A1.4.2. Body Substance
A1.4.3. Food
A2. Conceptual Entity
A2.1. Idea or Concept
A2.1.1. Temporal Concept
A2.1.2. Qualitative Concept
A2.1.3. Quantitative Concept
A2.1.4. Functional Concept
A2.1.4.1. Body System
A2.1.5. Spatial Concept
A2.1.5.1. Body Space or Junction
A2.1.5.2. Body Location or Region
A2.1.5.3. Molecular Sequence
A2. Nucleotide Sequence
A2. Amino Acid Sequence
A2. Carbohydrate Sequence
A2.1.5.4. Geographic Area
A2.2. Finding
A2.2.1. Laboratory or Test Result
A2.2.2. Sign or Symptom
A2.3. Organism Attribute
A2.3.1. Clinical Attribute
A2.4. Intellectual Product
A2.4.1. Classification
A2.4.2. Regulation or Law
A2.5. Language
A2.6. Occupation or Discipline
A2.6.1. Biomedical Occupation or Discipline
A2.7. Organization
A2.7.1. Health Care Related Organization
A2.7.2. Professional Society
A2.7.3. Self-help or Relief Organization
A2.8. Group Attribute
A2.9. Group
A2.9.1. Professional or Occupational Group
A2.9.2. Population Group
A2.9.3. Family Group
A2.9.4. Age Group
A2.9.5. Patient or Disabled Group
B. Event
B1. Activity
B1.1. Behavior
B1.1.1. Social Behavior
B1.1.2. Individual Behavior
B1.2. Daily or Recreational Activity
B1.3. Occupational Activity
B1.3.1. Health Care Activity
B1.3.1.1. Laboratory Procedure
B1.3.1.2. Diagnostic Procedure
B1.3.1.3. Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
B1.3.2. Research Activity
B1.3.2.1. Molecular Biology Research Technique
B1.3.3. Governmental or Regulatory Activity
B1.3.4. Educational Activity
B1.4. Machine Activity
B2. Phenomenon or Process
B2.1. Human-caused Phenomenon or Process
B2.1.1. Environmental Effect of Humans
B2.2. Natural Phenomenon or Process
B2.2.1. Biologic Function
B2.2.1.1. Physiologic Function
B2. Organism Function
B2. Mental Process
B2. Organ or Tissue Function
B2. Cell Function
B2. Molecular Function
B2. Genetic Function
B2.2.1.2. Pathologic Function
B2. Disease or Syndrome
B2. Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction
B2. Neoplastic Process
B2. Cell or Molecular Dysfunction
B2. Experimental Model of Disease
B2.3. Injury or Poisoning

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