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 Advertise on BioMedLib 

Advertise to 200,000 doctors who are subscribed to the BioMedLib journal, for every clinical and scientific subspecialties. Furthermore there are 500,000 users worldwide who read BioMedLib webpages on a regular basis (no registration required).

Take advantage of BioMedLib's affordable ad prices (for $500 we display your ad for 129,870 times). You can choose to pay per click, or pay per impression. You can start with advertisement budget as low as $500. You can choose from a large variety of ads. You can target your ads to specific geographical locations, search keywords, days and times.
    ► "for $500 we display your ad for 129,870 times"
    ► "choose to pay per click, or pay per impression"
    ► "start with advertisement budget as low as $500"
    ► "a large variety of ads"
    ► "You can target your ads"

Instructions to purchase ads on BioMedLib
To purchase self-service advertising on BioMedLib, follow these three steps. You can also contact the advertising department (advertise@bmlsearch.com).
1. Fill out the registration form;
2. Submit your ad/creative;
3. Use your credit card to pay through the secure card processing page.

 More info 

There are two pricing methods:

1. Pay only when people click on your ad (the Cost-Per-Click or CPC pricing model).
    ► Currently we offer $1.85 CPC, or 185 cents per click.
For example your $500 advertisement budget will send 270 visitors to your website.

2. Pay for displaying your ad to people (direct sales), that is pay for impressions (the Cost-Per-Thousand impressions, or CPM pricing model).
Currently we offer
    ► $3.85 CPM for Large-Button ad 160x160 (that is 385 cents for 1,000 impressions or displays),
    ► $4.25 CPM for Wide-Skyscraper 160x600,
    ► $4.45 CPM for Leaderboard 728x90,
    ► and $2.25 CPM for Bottom-of-Page Leaderboard 728x90.
For example your $500 advertisement budget will display your Large Button ad for 129,870 times.
See ad samples and sizes.

Try the budget optimizer below, to find out how many ads you can purchase for a given budget:
Q.   How much do you want to spend on your ad campaign (in US dollars):

Ad positions
► The two ad types Large-Button and Wide-Skyscraper are displayed in the right-hand column of each page, at the upper part of the right column.
► The Leaderboard ad is displayed in the content area, upper part.
► There is an option to display Leaderboard ads at the bottom of page, where the pricing is substantially cheaper, currently $0.12 per 1000 impressions ($0.12 CPM). After you have completed the three steps of buying ads on BioMedLib, send an email to advertising department (advertise@bmlsearch.com) and ask for the bottom-of-page Leaderboard.

See the actual ad positions within a "results" page. When a user submits a query to BioMedLib, the user receives a results page in return. This is the majority of pages served by BioMedLib.
See ad samples and sizes.

Ad targeting
You not only enjoy the extremely competitive ad rates at BioMedLib, you can also target your ads to specific viewers that convert to more business for you.

Some of our targeting methods that you can choose from include the following:
1. Geo-location: country, state, or city where the viewer is located. You can select any combination of single or multiple countries, states, and cities;
2. Viewer's query (search keyword): we show your ads only if viewer is searching for specific keywords of your choice;
3. Specific days of week;
4. Specific times of day;

Online Advertising Terms & Conditions
Payment is required in advance. As space is limited, ads are sold on a first come, first served basis. When there are multiple ads eligible to be displayed to a given viewer, we use a statistical random process where it gives equal chance to each eligible ad to be picked.
All advertising is accepted subject to the publisher's approval upon determination that the products or service advertised are in keeping with the BioMedLib's philosophy.

Learn more
Want to learn more before deciding to purchase ads on BioMedLib?
Here are more resources:
1. You can display virtually any type of ads on BioMedLib. View some of the types of ads we display.
2. Don't have any ads to display? You can create your own ad easy and quick. Try the BioMedLib online ad lab.