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We provide access to many BioMedLib services free of charge. However, it does cost a significant amount of money to run and maintain BioMedLib software and hardware. You can help to sustain BioMedLib.
If BioMedLib helped you figure out something you were stuck on; if it saved you time; if it relieved some frustration or anxiety... please consider donating.
Do you need specific arrangements, or have question? Please send us an email (custserv@bmlsearch.com), and we will contact you.

Donate to BioMedLib. There are several methods to donate. Please choose one.

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2. Pay by Paypal: Please note each step may take several seconds, so please be patient.

3. Pay by check (via regular mail) - Please make checks payable to "BioMedLib LLC", and mail to "BioMedLib LLC, 2150 Wise street, P.O.Box 4786, Charlottesville, VA 22905-9998, USA".