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 BioMedLib's Products 
We at the BioMedLib company provide several types of products and services.

1. BioMedLib Search Engine.
It is highly relevant, fast, and simple-to-use. Try it on www.bmlsearch.com (or using the search box at the top of the page). It saves your time as it finds and displays the most relevant articles right at the top of the first page. Plus you don't miss on relevant answers, as it finds answers other search engines fail to locate.
The standard version is open access and free of charge. Plus the Premium version is faster, ad free, customizable, and very affordable. You can subscribe to the Premium BioMedLib as an individual, or you can save money by ordering it for your entire organization or library. It is superior to other subscription search engines while costing only a fraction.
Read how BioMedLib's search engine solves common search issues with MEDLINE, and learn more about the search engine.

2. BioMedLib "Who is Publishing in My Domain?" journal.
This is a convenient and free-of-charge literature-monitoring service. Sign up at www.wipimd.com and start receiving the journal in your email.

3. BioMedLib Review.
Find answers to higher level questions, like the ones below (try it for free at www.bmlreview.com).
► "What are the new treatment options for breast cancer?"
► "What are the genes that are discovered for parkinson's in the past two years?"
► "What are the diseases that could cause tinnitus (noises in ears)?"

4. Publishing your content
If you have biomedical and health content (e.g., to publish in biomedical books, journals, etc.) and you would like to make your contents available for search via BioMedLib's search engine, we can index and add your content to BioMedLib's search engine. Take advantage of the solid infrastructure of BioMedLib and its unique audience, and publish your content for less. Please send us an email to custserv@bmlsearch.com for more information on this service.

5. Customized search for your data
We design and implement customized search functionality for your data. We provide advanced text searching, as well as meaning-based searching on the basis of 2.3 million biomedical concepts and their 22 million synonyms, and semantic searching on the basis of relationships between words in the document. Send a sample of your data to custserv@bmlsearch.com to start.

6. Specialized informational services
Looking for a specific functionality or service? We can create brand new services for problems you have encountered for which no software is currently available. We design and deliver software, web-based services, and content to solve your question. Send us an email, and we will take it from there (custserv@bmlsearch.com).

7. Encoding your data
You send us your medical or health information (e.g., electronic medical records; insurance claims; patient discharge summaries; pathology, radiology and other medical reports; etc.). We extract its biomedical concepts (try a short sample here), and encode them in any of the 100+ terminologies, including the HIPAA and CHI standard terminologies such as ICD, NCI, LOINC, SNOMEDCT, etc.

8. Biomedical matching
This service is helpful for scenarios like those below:
    8.1. We take your medical legal case and find the closest previous court rulings so that you can use them when preparing your case.
    8.2. We can take the list of reviewers you have for your journal and create domain lists per reviewer. Then, when a new manuscript is submitted, our service will analyze the manuscript and find the best reviewers for the submitted manuscript so that you can invite them for the peer-review process.