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 Pubmed Misses 
BioMedLib, besides its meaning-based search, provides a more accurate keyword search as well.

For example submit the double-quoted query "single dose erythromycin" to PubMed, and PubMed will tell you that there is no article in the MEDLINE having the exact phrase "single dose erythromycin". This is not true; in other words PubMed is missing articles that have the exact phrase "single dose erythromycin". Try it with BioMedLib , and you will see articles with PubMed IDs 7081971 and 3335066 actually have the exact phrase.

[Kroboth PD, Brown A, Lyon JA, Kroboth FJ, Juhl RP. Pharmacokinetics of single-dose erythromycin in normal and alcoholic liver disease subjects. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 1982 Jan;21(1):135-40. PMID: 7081971.]

[Malinverni R, Overholser CD, Bille J, Glauser MP. Antibiotic prophylaxis of experimental endocarditis after dental extractions. Circulation. 1988 Jan;77(1):182-7. PMID: 3335066.]

You can try the IDs 7081971 and 3335066 in PubMed and see that the two articles do exist in PubMed's backend database, but PubMed is unable to find them in response to the exact phrase query "single dose erythromycin" (as of November 2009; and August 2010).