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 BioMedLib Review and the semantic search 
BioMedLib Review uses the 'semantic technology' developed by BioMedLib. For example, when you choose 'gene or genome' from the drop-down list, BMLR searches for over 500,000 unique gene names occuring in publications. This greatly simplifies the search for you, plus makes it possible to search for the 'class of all genes', which we call a 'semantic type'. There are over one hundred semantic types (however not all of them are equally useful for search).
These are some of the types of questions you can answer by using BioMedLib Review:
► "What are the new treatment options for breast cancer?"
► "What are the genes that are discovered for parkinson's in the past two years?"
► "What are the diseases that could cause tinnitus (noises in ears)?"
Try it for free at www.bmlreview.com

 BioMedLib's "Who is Publishing in My Domain?" journal 
The BioMedLib "Who is Publishing in My Domain?" journal integrates many types of information, such as free full-text articles, citations to your publications, funded research proposals, emerging authors, funding opportunities, and more. You can fully customize it to your exact needs, like the time interval of each list (e.g., last 3 months or last 10 years), number of items per list (e.g., top 30 or top 200), and other features. And you will receive it as both a PDF file and as an online personalized webpage which enable you to add notes and comments, and then to share instantly with your colleagues and team members across the globe.

 Use BioMedLib to solve common MEDLINE® search issues 
Does it take a long time to screen your search results in order to locate relevant articles?
Are you sure you have found all the relevant publications for your query?
Do you need to monitor authors who are publishing on your topic?
Do you wish your search engine could sort the results by their relevance and publication date?
Do you want to have a PDF copy of the search results for your records?
Are you tired of using special query syntax language for more relevant results?

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 About BioMedLib 
What is BioMedLib Search engine?

BioMedLib™ Search Engine takes your query and finds the best responses among millions of biomedical articles in the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE® database.